Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Bucket list...

Sounds familiar? indeed. That's the movie, of two kindest gentlemen in their own way. Looking for final rescue in each other. It tells life seeing from two different sides, the world of hurry busy hectic day and gloomy seemed comfort life. One has everything but family to laugh with, the other is blessed with a big happy one but still not enough. The two sicks and is dying, argues and hates, till a moment of enlightenment through a piece of paper lies on the hospital floor; list of wishes. A door to happiness, they say. Wishes they never had or give time to do. It works someway, the two travels, flies, laughs, cries together. Get intimate, friends 'til death appeared.
Beautiful movie.
Inspiring me, that one night I made a scratch numbering some wishes. Some look ambitious, others just things that keep staying on my mind. As I lay my head, a glance to pay at the paper I glued to the wall. Who knows, one day thirty years from now God bless, I look upon it and has no regret. Or maybe it slipped and forgotten, I live my life and wake up, wandering I've done some and still no regrets. Life itself is enigma anyway.

(it is June the beginning, drops fall outside)