Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010


Not in the good mood to write...
been watching a movie, have finished two actually.. and that sucks. I end up wanting more, and it's just not right. My mind is not thinking good things lately, with loads of that bunch of report, I supposed to have a busy week. But it's not, which make me a little bit worried. Deadline is on its way..
Whats the meaning of being creative anyway, having your days spending doing something you like or finalizing all those things you are forced to do?
I've been with this many thoughts lately. Dont like myself this time, doing crap things.. and keep that important things behind.
I am always have this feeling, me quit the job.. starting to do things I'd like to do, pursuing the dreams I dreamed.. which surely will take on some consequences. Not all bad consequences though.. But this doubts come over and weaken my spirit..
Really hope for a fruitful time.. to contemplate, and I might come up with good things to do.

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